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Prosvelte Biotics® uses the world's finest & best "good bacteria". It has mystified doctors for decades, but now we know the answer - it's all down to the bacteria in our gut...

If you have one type of BAD bacteria in your gut, your body piles on the pounds. But have GOOD bacteria, the pounds can stay away helping you stay healthy and beautiful!!!

Prosvelte Biotics® has harnessed the best natural ingredients in our unique formula, best suited to promote higher concentration of Bacteroidetes in your body!

But not only can our formulation and bestselling product aid weight loss, it provides so much more! 

Delivering over 10 billion active naturally occurring cultures ...helping you to feel great all year round!


PROSVELTE BIOTICS | Natural Weight Loss | Express Slim 1.2.3 | Probiotic Svelte | Celeb Slim | Celebrity Diet

At Prosvelte Biotics® we are pleased to be the USA, UK and EU's No.1 supplement provider, and after years of painstaking research we are the first to see the correlation between Bacteroidetes & Firmicutes ... and amazing weight loss!

Bacteriodetes tend to decrease and Firmicutes to increase in the faeces of obese compared to lean humans. Obese people harbour fewer Bacteriodetes and more Firmicutes than lean controls... 

The data suggests that there is a relationship between obesity and the diversity of intestinal microbiota..Interestingly, the increase in Bacteroidetes was significantly correlated with weight loss achieved, but not with total energy intake, suggesting interactions between diet, gut microbiota and host metabolism. LEY, TURNBAUGH, KLEIN, GORDON, NATURE

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PROSVELTE BIOTICS® | Celebrity Slimming | Diet Aid | Probiotic DietProsvelte Biotics® uses the world's finest  "good bacteria", this aides wellbeing and helps with weight loss.


Copper Active Patch | Transdermal Pain Relief | Copper Patches | Aches AwayThe Copper Active Patch™ features a non-invasive copper peptide, derived from copper metal that has traditionally been used to relieve joint and muscle pain.



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Copper Active Patch™
 Copper Active Patch™ | Copper Pain Patch | Aches-Away | Transdermal Pain Relief
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Prosvelte Biotics®

Prosvelte Biotics® | Probiotic Svelte | Express Slim | Celeb Slim
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