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Covent Garden Nutraceuticals Limited, P.O.Box 649A, Surbiton, Surrey. KT5 9YR. UK.

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Call us: 0333 313 7740 

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COVENT GARDEN NUTRACEUTICALS LIMITED is registered in England No. 08616641

Registered Office - 78 The Green, Twickenham, Middlesex. TW2 5AG.



PROSVELTE BIOTICS® | Celebrity Slimming | Diet Aid | Probiotic DietProsvelte Biotics® uses the world's finest  "good bacteria", this aides wellbeing and helps with weight loss.


Copper Active Patch | Transdermal Pain Relief | Copper Patches | Aches AwayThe Copper Active Patch™ features a non-invasive copper peptide, derived from copper metal that has traditionally been used to relieve joint and muscle pain.



CBD Oil | Pain Relief | Anxiety Relief | CBD Supplement
Copper Active Patch™
 Copper Active Patch™ | Copper Pain Patch | Aches-Away | Transdermal Pain Relief
Detox Capsules
Detox Capsules | Detox | Celeb Detox
Original Slimming Patch™
Original Slimming Patch™ | Fucus and Guarana | Transdermal Diet Patch

Prosvelte Biotics®

Prosvelte Biotics® | Probiotic Svelte | Express Slim | Celeb Slim
Skin Tag Patches
Skin Tag Patches | Skin Tag Removal | Transdermal Skin Tag Remover

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