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WELCOME to Covent Garden Nutraceuticals® 

Covent Garden Nutraceuticals® was established in 2015 to offer innovative and affordable Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Vitamins, Transdermals and Skincare Products to the UK and European Markets.

The aim of the company is to develop new products and enhance existing products already on the market through our research and development teams coupled with those of our ingredient suppliers.

Since our inception we've launched a number of innovative and much sort after products such as our Transdermal Skin Tag Removal Patches and our Prosvelte Biotics® Probiotic Dieting Supplement both of which have seen national press promotion.

We are also happy to produce private label versions of our market leading products for major retailers and European mail order houses.

Throughout 2019 and beyond our in-house and outsourced development and production teams will be working on and launching evermore innovative and groundbreaking products onto retail markets globally.

So if you are looking to work with a company hungry for growth who can offer the best in category products then you should be talking to Covent Garden Nutraceuticals®.




PROSVELTE BIOTICS® | Celebrity Slimming | Diet Aid | Probiotic DietProsvelte Biotics® uses the world's finest  "good bacteria", this aides wellbeing and helps with weight loss.


Copper Active Patch | Transdermal Pain Relief | Copper Patches | Aches AwayThe Copper Active Patch™ features a non-invasive copper peptide, derived from copper metal that has traditionally been used to relieve joint and muscle pain.



CBD Oil | Pain Relief | Anxiety Relief | CBD Supplement
Copper Active Patch™
 Copper Active Patch™ | Copper Pain Patch | Aches-Away | Transdermal Pain Relief
Detox Capsules
Detox Capsules | Detox | Celeb Detox
Original Slimming Patch™
Original Slimming Patch™ | Fucus and Guarana | Transdermal Diet Patch

Prosvelte Biotics®

Prosvelte Biotics® | Probiotic Svelte | Express Slim | Celeb Slim
Skin Tag Patches
Skin Tag Patches | Skin Tag Removal | Transdermal Skin Tag Remover

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